Scar Tissue Release

Myofascial Scar Tissue Release

The aim of a Scar Tissue Release session is to reduce the pain and discomfort that can often result from scarring. We aim to enhance movement, reduce numbness and to assist the body in the re-integration of tissue both deep and superficial.

Scar Tissue Release techniques are also helpful for improving the superficial appearance of both non-surgical and surgical scarring.

It is never to late to start healing and re-integrating the tissue, even very old scars respond well to treatment.

Scar tissue release is suitable for scars left from most surgical procedures and non-surgical injuries.

The techniques used are light, gentle and you will be taught how to self treat at home in-between clinic sessions in order to maximise the benefits.

Example : A Caesarean Section scar will often lead to an overhang of the belly. This is because the scar tissue has tightened during the initial healing phase, but once the body has fully completed its miraculous job of fully healing and sealing these tissue fibres back together, the hard adhesive tissue is no longer necessary. With scar tissue release techniques it is possible to gently soften and re-integrate these tight adhesions resulting in less overhang of the c-section scar.  often other positive and far reaching effects such as reduced numbness, pulling and a lighter appearance in the colour of the scar and improved overall posture will occur.


You are welcome to call Kaya for an informal chat to discuss your unique situation and find out if scar tissue release could benefit you.