When are you available for appointments?

Appointments are currently available:

Monday         Centre Closed
Tuesday         9:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday   Centre Closed
Thursday       9:00am – 6:00pm
Friday            2:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday       Centre Closed
Sunday          Centre Closed



Do you have toilet facilities ?

Yes there is a bathroom, waiting area and receptionist at the centre.


Does your treatment room have wheelchair / disability access?

No, my treatment room is only accessible via a staircase. However please get in touch to discuss your needs as a ground floor appointment may sometimes be possible if booked in advance.

How many treatments will I need?

If you are coming for treatment of an injury or pain problem then I usually advise a few sessions closer together, for example every other week for 3 sessions then every 4-8 weeks if a regular maintenance session is necessary. Sometimes one session is all thats needed. I will usually give my recommendation at the end of the initial appointment.


I have a cold, can I still come for my massage?

No. Please call me to reschedule your appointment if you have a cold, flu, fever or contagious condition of any sort. Please bear in mind we will be in close proximity and skin to skin contact. It is hard to not catch a cold under these circumstances and no-one wants a massage from a snotty therapist! It is also not in the clients best interest to have a massage while ill and can make you feel even worse. Please reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Cancellations & Rescheduling Appointments

Please note that a minimum of 24hrs notice is required if you wish to cancel or change your appointment time. Otherwise a fee will be charged – 50% for the first missed appointment and 100% there after.


How should I prepare for my session?

1 – Please refrain from using perfume and antiperspirant.

2 – Please refrain from using creams, lotions and oils on your skin before your treatment as we may be doing MFR or oil free work.

3 – Wear clothes and underwear that you don’t mind getting oily.

4 – Please avoid eating a heavy meal for a couple of hours before your treatment.

5 – If you are well hydrated it will maximise the benefits of your treatment.


After your Session

1 – Drink a couple of glasses of extra water on treatment day.

2 – Avoid over doing things.

3 – minimise alcohol, caffeine and sugar consumption for 12 hrs



Massage is suitable for most people and I have clients ranging from 5 – 93 years old. However there may be times when massage is not suitable for you, such as: If you have a cold, flu or fever. If you have a contagious disease or skin condition or if you have had major surgery in the last 3 months.

If you’d like to discuss if massage therapy is suitable for you then please feel free to give me a call for an informal chat.