Relaxation – Other Treatments


Lava Shell / Hot Stone Massage:

It has been said that hot stone/shell massage is ten times more effective than regular massage! This is because the heat from the shells warms the muscles allowing for a relaxing yet powerful massage.Heated lava shells offer a gentle but effective solution for muscle tension, aches, pains and general stress. I often include the shells as part of my regular clients maintenance sessions as they make a wonderful treat on a cold winters day.



Combine the benefits of essential oils and massage therapy. Essential oils are aromatic and highly concentrated substances extracted from parts of trees, plants, flowers and fruit. Aromatherapy is not new – evidence of the use of aromatic oils dates back almost 3,oo0 years BC with the ancient Egyptians making use of their medicinal, cosmetic and spiritual benefits.

At Devon Massage we use beautiful organic pre-blended oils by Botanicals.


Indian Head Massage:

Indian head massage is both a relaxing and an invigorating treat and can be enjoyed as a stand alone 40 minute treatment or included in a longer session. If you’re new to massage then Indian head massage is a great place to start!


Thai Foot Massage:

Thai foot massage is based on the concept that the feet hold an energy map of the entire body. By targeting specific areas (pressure points) that relate to the body’s various systems we are able to encourage the mind and body to restore its own natural balance, therefore keeping the whole body harmonised.

There are over 7000 nerve endings in your feet, this makes foot massage a blissful experience.

Enjoy Thai foot massage as a stand alone treatment or ask for it to be included into your combined bodywork session.

Please Note: Contraindications for Thai foot massage include contagious skin conditions such as athletes foot, fungal nail, verrucas & warts.